About Us

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We at DOORWORKS would like to take this time to thank you for visiting our website, and hope you find it helpful and informative when shopping for your garage door needs. DOORWORKS was established in 1995 by Greg and Jenni Eargle of Apple Valley. We have focused on giving our clients exceptional service and that in turn has made our family owned and operated company thrive. We believe strongly in “word of mouth” referrals, as that is our #1 type of advertising. There is nothing easier than having a testimonial from a family member, neighbor, or friend that has a DOORWORKS garage door system and are satisfied with the complete experience.

Whether its service, or installation of a complete new system, we’re there for you. We offer a full line of quality products and we’re known for our quality installations and comprehensive solutions to all of your service needs.We also offer other quality garage products, such as storage systems and custom flooring. We can customize any and all aspects of your garage, making it the garage you’ve always dreamed of having. At DOORWORKS, we are constantly striving to better our value to you by offering services that go beyond the typical “make the sale and move on” attitude of most businesses.